Amy Eksteen

Creative Wellness

Wellness Series Part 9 As promised, this week we will be exploring a surprise dimension of Wellness known as our Creative Wellness! Looking after our creative well-being by allowing ourselves the opportunity to express ourselves creatively is said to be one of the missing links when we talk about health and wellness – space for […]

Intellectual Wellness

Wellness Series Part 8 This is it! Part eight of our Wellness series is finally here. Over the past nine weeks, we have been exploring and discussing the topic of wellness from a self-care perspective. Each week, we have been learning about eight very important wellness dimensions and why we should be catering to all […]

Occupational Wellness

Wellness Series Part 7 I can’t believe we are already on part 7 in our Wellness series this week!The wellness dimension that we will be discussing today is an aspect of our well-being that plays such an important part in our overall health and quality of life – our Occupational Wellness. Our careers, the work […]

Spiritual Wellness

Wellness Series Part 6 This week we will be focusing on a wellness dimension that is often overlooked, yet so important to who we are as individuals and vital to our overall health and wellness – our Spiritual Wellness. The conversation regarding the topic of wellness is mainly about leading a satisfying life where one […]

Financial Wellness

Wellness Series Part 5 As planned, this week we will be diving deeper into the fifth wellness dimension in our wellness series – our Financial Wellness.When discussing the concept of wellness and self-care, looking to our finances is the last thing that we usually do, but financial wellness is actually considered to be a very […]

Environmental Wellness

Wellness Series Part 4 As we slowly work through each wellness dimension every week, I hope my readers are learning more about how to incorporate a wellness based lifestyle into their every day lives. I hope that by exploring our wellness, my readers realise the importance of their overall health and well-being. So here’s to […]

Social Wellness

Wellness Series Part 3 Last week we explored the concept of Emotional Wellness, why it is important for us, the benefits that can stem from learning about our emotional well-being and how to start prioritising our emotional health in our personal self-care plans. This week we will be discussing part 3 of our Wellness series […]

Emotional Wellness

Wellness Series Part 2 We have officially started our Wellness journey off with a bang! In last week’s blog post, we explored the concept of Physical Wellness. We were able to discuss why prioritising our physical wellness is important, the benefits of taking care of our physical health as well as we looked at various […]

Physical Wellness

Wellness Series Part 1 Last week we began our Wellness journey together on the blog. In honour of mental health awareness month, I wanted to provide a platform for myself and my readers to learn more about the topic of wellness and self-care. In last week’s blog post, we were able to explore the concepts […]

A Wellness Journey

A happy October to all of my readers! In honour of mental health awareness month, I am really excited to announce and start our new Wellness series here on the blog.Reflecting on how the act of self-care has recently impacted me, I wanted to start a series that would allow me to embark on a […]