Amy Eksteen

Before we get stuck into today’s blog topic, I would like you to take some time to reflect on the last six months and congratulate yourself on doing your very best every single day, even if ‘doing your best’ means accomplishing your goals you’ve set yourself for 2019 or simply, getting out of bed in the morning and taking a shower. I know that every day can be a different journey on its own, for each of us and I believe that we don’t get enough chances to acknowledge our progress, be it big or small. We don’t get enough chances to admire our strength and say to ourselves “Well done, I’m proud of you”.

To start July off with a bang, in this weeks blog post, I want to talk about something positive that we can all remind ourselves of and apply to our every day lives – the concept of milk and honey.

  • The land of milk and honey – a symbol of “prosperity, ease and abundance” in the bible (Benefits of Honey).
  • Honey – something that makes anything sweeter when adding it, along with its never ending health benefits.
  • Milk – used for nourishing and nurturing. Together, milk and honey are two ingredients that are included in many sweet treats and delicious deserts – a fine pair they make!

I’ve come to learn that reminding yourself of the concept of milk and honey is a wonderful act of self-care and self-love that you can practice each day. It has helped me to focus on and has reassured my mind about the beautiful and good things that surround me. For me, the concept of milk and honey is about looking for and creating our own sweet moments, especially when we’re in the middle of sour, bitter or salty situations.

Milk and honey can be about remembering to make the most of every situation, searching for the positive moments, rejoicing in little moments of joy, sitting in gratitude or it can be about choosing peace.

Milk and honey can be about knowing that it is okay to put boundaries up in toxic environments and around toxic people in order to prioritise our own health.

Milk and honey can be about choosing to spend time with people that love and accept us for who we are, the kind of people who are supportive and have our best interests at heart.

Milk and honey can include investing time and energy in taking care of ourselves, spending time with ourselves, enjoying the quiet moments, doing things we love, appreciating good food and our favourite hobbies, a good book, a funny movie or wild dancing to our favourite songs.

Milk and honey can be about sitting and appreciating natures beauty.

Milk and honey can be about allowing ourselves the space to simply be ourselves, unapologetically and authentically ourselves, acknowledging our imperfections and knowing that we deserve the space to learn and grow, to accept and love ourselves, to forgive ourselves and to let go of any unnecessary heavy loads we may be carrying. Milk and honey can be about choosing to remain kind, to ourselves and others, even in unfair and cruel situations.

Milk and honey is about choosing to focus and dwell on all things good and sweet (Philippians 4:8).

Whatever it is that we may be searching for and whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in, there is always milk and honey oozing from every moment, waiting to be found and collected. We get to taste these precious moments, every day, because of God’s sweetness, because of His salvation and His goodness (Psalm 34:8). We get to rest in knowing that no matter the season that we’re in, there is always a chance to remember God’s promises. We get to remember that nothing can stop His good and prosperous plans for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11). Every day, He promises to be there for us, to give us renewed strength, to bless us in every way possible, along with extra drizzles of His faithfulness, unconditional love and grace.

I believe that every one deserves to experience God’s essence. I therefore challenge my readers and myself, for the rest of 2019, to remind ourselves of God’s word. I challenge us to keep in mind, in everything we do, that we are worthy of milk and honey, we are worthy of the very best, for it will never do to settle for artificial sugar.

Happy July xx