Amy Eksteen

Creative Wellness

Wellness Series Part 9 As promised, this week we will be exploring a surprise dimension of Wellness known as our Creative Wellness! Looking after our creative well-being by allowing ourselves the opportunity to express ourselves creatively is said to be one of the missing links when we talk about health and wellness – space for […]

Intellectual Wellness

Wellness Series Part 8 This is it! Part eight of our Wellness series is finally here. Over the past nine weeks, we have been exploring and discussing the topic of wellness from a self-care perspective. Each week, we have been learning about eight very important wellness dimensions and why we should be catering to all […]

Occupational Wellness

Wellness Series Part 7 I can’t believe we are already on part 7 in our Wellness series this week!The wellness dimension that we will be discussing today is an aspect of our well-being that plays such an important part in our overall health and quality of life – our Occupational Wellness. Our careers, the work […]

A Wellness Journey

A happy October to all of my readers! In honour of mental health awareness month, I am really excited to announce and start our new Wellness series here on the blog.Reflecting on how the act of self-care has recently impacted me, I wanted to start a series that would allow me to embark on a […]