Amy Eksteen

A Masterpiece

When deciding on what source of motivation I wanted myself and my readers to focus on this month, the verse Psalm 139:14 kept popping up. Psalm 139 has been a chapter that has seen me through some really dark times. It has always been a source of encouragement, an ultimate reminder of God’s promises and […]


I don’t know about you, but time is beginning to feel as if it’s passing us by at high speed lately. This is why I really felt the need to briefly speak about timing, for the last week of August. I feel as if we live in what we can call a ‘microwave society’. We […]

Pursuing Peace

Hello June! Six months into the year of 2019, we’ve officially reached the halfway mark, along with Winter’s chilly atmosphere ready to greet us each and every morning. So grab some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and settle down, for an introductory blog post for the month of June. When thinking about what would be […]