Amy Eksteen

Counselling: The Counsellor’s Perspective

Mental Health Series Part 2 Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be a counsellor? Have you perhaps ever wondered what your counsellor may be thinking? This weeks blog post aims to answer the questions we may ask ourselves about counsellors as we will be focusing on the counselling experience from the perspective […]

Counselling: The Client’s Perspective

Mental Health Series Part 1 One of the reasons I started my blog, was because I feel like, as a society, we need more accessible platforms that openly talk about mental health. As a community we need to be contributing to destigmatising mental health topics, the counselling experience and seeing a counsellor/mental health practitioner in […]

Grief and Loss Part 1

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about this topic for a while now. It’s not the happiest topic to talk about, but I think it’s definitely necessary. So, for the next two days, we will be discussing the experience of grief and loss. In this life, experiencing grief and loss is inevitable. It’s […]


Last week we started our conversation about lifting our perspectives by focusing on the verse ‘Count it all joy’. We spoke about how we can start navigating our way through our toughest moments, the ‘valleys’ in our lives by using them as opportunities to rejoice as if we are already standing and celebrating on the […]

When life doesn’t seem to go your way

There’s no doubt that life can be disappointing sometimes. Our plans don’t go as planned. Relationships end. People hurt us. Doors that we were hoping would open, remain closed. We are left feeling a little deflated and maybe catch ourselves thinking “How am I supposed to get through this?”, “What do I do now?” or […]