Amy Eksteen

The blog post for this week will be celebrating the publication of 30 posts on my blog!

Writing has always been one of my favourite things to do, but I never imagined I would be sharing a piece of my heart, through my words, for everybody to see on a weekly basis. Every week when I click “publish”, I experience a wave of excitement, to share my thoughts. I feel proud of myself because I have accomplished another blog post. And I feel hopeful. I hope to help or inspire at least one person with every blog post I put out there for you all to see.

I truly treasure “Me” and everything it stands for and I am so grateful that I am able to provide a platform for people to celebrate being unapologetically and authentically themselves.

I hope Me provides a space for you to dedicate some uninterrupted time to intentionally focus on yourself today. With that being said, this blog post will be short, but full of inspiration and important reminders to make ‘Me’, as in you, as in us, a priority!

30 important and true reminders to remember about yourself:

  1. You are one of a kind
  2. You deserve to be respected
  3. You deserve to ask for help if you need it
  4. You deserve to be taken care of and to take care of yourself
  5. You are allowed to have boundaries
  6. You are allowed to say no
  7. You deserve to spend time with people that accept you for who you are
  8. You deserve to rest and take a break
  9. You deserve to spend some time doing things that you enjoy doing and that contribute positively to your life
  10. It is okay for you to not have everything figured out
  11. You deserve to be listened to
  12. You are worthy
  13. Your thoughts are important
  14. What you have to say deserves to be heard
  15. You are doing your best
  16. Your feelings are important
  17. Your emotions are significant
  18. Your life has a purpose
  19. Your hopes and dreams are important
  20. You are smart
  21. You are strong
  22. You are resilient
  23. You are allowed the space to learn
  24. You are allowed the space to grow
  25. You are allowed the space to change
  26. You deserve to be happy and healthy
  27. You are loved
  28. You are unique
  29. You are special
  30. You are you and that is enough

All my love xx